May 9, 2012
hellwyr (All reviews)
So I feel like writing a review for this Anime because I saw some very negative reviews and I think this show is really worth trying. I have watched many .. so many Anime and its rare for me to really like a show. And I am not a fan of skc-fi..... and above all computer game sci - fi like hack sign for example (even tho hack sign was okay)
I haven't seen the whole anime yet, since only 5 episodes are out and if it just gets better I think its going to turn out to be a masterpiece, if it gets worse its going to be a "very good anime"....

The story evolves around the main protagonist which is a fat small highschooler, who gets bullied. His self-worth is depended on computer games so he really rocks in one of those. The story is set in the future where everything works through computers.
But there is one computer system which surpasses all which came before it is highly developed and can influence space and time. This computer system unknown to the public is called Accel Word. Because of the main protagonist's computer playing skills he gets recruited by one of Accel Worlds's kings (actually a queen)
So the story begins the main protagonist sees many aspect of his life changed; his relations, his self-perception and his love- life. With one of Accel world's kings/queens he turns everything up side down and tries to discover Accel world's secrets.

I like the Art because the main protagonist for example is not your typical good-looking hero. And the heroine is also beautiful. The art itself is not outstanding but it is nice and has some really nice pictures to offer.

The sound is good and fits the story but there hasn't been a remarkable piece of music yet

The story itself sounds interesting, even tho I prefer non sci -fi. So what makes this Anime outstanding is the character development/interaction and the development of their relations. The main protagonist is a guy who is in a constant crises and turns away from his friends and is full of self-hatred. The heroine is an ambitious pro-gamer who finds herself in love. All in all the characters are well-defined and their emotional reactions are very good. Even tho sometimes maybe it might be too much. (Too much whining, but if that happens the main heroine steps in and balances everything out, so for me it was always the right amount of whining)

For me it was and is a big enjoyment. Because I like the mixture of the characters and the development of the relationships. But that wouldn't be enough for me for a great enjoyment: what makes it a great enjoyment and what is the icing on the cake is that it has epic battles and unexpected turn of events.

I recommend this story.