Apr 1, 2012
Rio-Bot (All reviews)
i had no idea this was a "short" anime series until after the first episode, in fact i thought the video player had just screwed up and cut me off :P however the anime short thing was new to me but i honestly enjoyed it. when watching this keep in mind that there's not really supposed to be a story, just short videos leading up to some cute joke or something along those lines "like reading a comic strip in the news" "actually these reminded me lots of the garfield shorts skits in-between the segments of garfield and friends." ... you can finish this whole series in little over half an hour... this never really made me crack up laughing, but i was smiling the whole time while watching this ^.^
- so, this is only like half an hour, and as valuable as your time is this show takes it with a cheap price, which makes it worth the bargain. :P