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Jul 14, 2012
So, Most Of Us Have Seen The Typical Anime Comedy, Right? A Ton Of Hot Girls, A Bizarre Situation, And Very Brick Humor *Brick Humor, Ie: So Stupid It's Funny.* With Lucky Star This Is Not The Case ... Most Anime Comedies Will Make Me Smile And Maybe Giggle A Bit. Lucky Star Is An Anime That Actually Made Me Laugh, Like, *Really* Laugh. There Is No Crazy Plot To This One, Ie : No Super Powers, No Saving The World, Ext Ext Ext, And Is Purely A Slice Of Life. One Thing That Makes This Anime Popular Is The Refrences It Makes To Other read more
Jul 4, 2012
Philosophy : That's What This Show Is All About.
Each Episode Is Designed To Make You Think.

Story : Episodic, So There Are Many Stories. Each Is Very Good. There Was One Story In The Middle Somewhere I Did Not Like, But That Was It. Each Story Is Set Up To Present You With A Universal Truth, Or The Other Side Of A Controversy...

Art : There Is This Weird Thing You Will Notice Pretty Soon Into Starting The Series. There Are Horizontal Lines Through The Video. No, Your File Isn't Messed Up, It's Supposed To Be Like That. It's Weird At First, But I Got Used To read more
Jul 4, 2012
This Show : A Well Devised Practical Joke On The Viewers... But, If You Take A Step Back And Appreciate The Work That Went Into It, Then You'll See How Clever It Was.

Let's Get The Negatives Down First :
-School Days... Well, Although It Was Very Good. This Was Certainly Not Realistic Like So Many People Had Promised Me. Just Because The Main Character Likes To Have Sex Doesn't Qualify It For Being Anything Like Real Life.
-This Show Pissed Me Off Like No Other. This Show Made Me F*cking ANGRY!
-Makoto, Ie : Least Favourite Character... EVER
-The Entire Show Is Very Forced. Every Choice Made read more
Apr 11, 2012
there's not really many negative things i can say about this show, so i will just get the few complaints of mine out at the beginning here;

-the misa character can be quite the mood-killer...
-the near character just seemed like a pointless repetition...
-the shinigamis are just... ugly...

now that those minor bugs of mine are out of the way lets get to the positive side;

-love the sort of *battle of the geniuses* theme. if you really pay attention there are so many little details to the plot that make it un-fold into a wonderful mystery-detective sort of thing.
-i'm quite the fan of the very dark, psychological drama read more
Apr 1, 2012
i had no idea this was a "short" anime series until after the first episode, in fact i thought the video player had just screwed up and cut me off :P however the anime short thing was new to me but i honestly enjoyed it. when watching this keep in mind that there's not really supposed to be a story, just short videos leading up to some cute joke or something along those lines "like reading a comic strip in the news" "actually these reminded me lots of the garfield shorts skits in-between the segments of garfield and friends." ... you can finish this whole read more
Mar 18, 2012
when sequels pop up you find a lot of disappointed people to go with them. sequels have it tough because people expect more of the first, so the second they come up with a new story it's too different. in this case i'm sure everybody wanted to see more "hei and yin" and how they escape and all that. *also, be sure to watch dtb:gaiden before season 2, it may have come out afterwords but should be watched prior; saves you a lot of "wait, where the hell is yin" drama*. SO! try not to look at this as a continuation but rather a fresh read more
Mar 18, 2012
hmmm where to start...

- i read this after i had watched the anime, though there is a big time gap in between, so this was a nice return to the story. the big difference "which i liked" is that the manga *and anime* are both based off of a visual novel, and in a visual novel you can go whichever path you want too. in the anime it tries to cover all the paths *which i dis-liked; it seemed scatter-brained* but with the manga it only focuses on one arc instead of jumping around time in a bunch of *what-if* i suppose that is read more
Mar 17, 2012
First, there is incest in this show. I hope that doesn't turn you away, because I loved this series, but if it does I would understand why. I suppose that's your fair warning; you have to go into this show with an open mind to that sort of thing.

The story is divided into arcs, and not the way you are used to. This is my biggest complaint about this show: the scatter-brained mess of separate timelines jumping here to there in an incredibly non-coherent approach at adapting a visual novel... However! There is a remedy to this! Getting an ordered list of what episodes read more
Mar 17, 2012
this anime certainly gets a lot of sh*t for it's art style. but i certainly liked it, more than any other show i have watched to date *except maybe ef...* i thought it was very colorful and just "pretty"... so it was different but so-what? "i admit this created an awkward mix of a dark story and a bright art style" SO! don't let people discourage you from watching it when they say the art sucks, think of it as a nice change to re-fresh the series and make it seem new and interesting. "i also admit there were some shaky stills in the first read more