Mar 16, 2012
nicparmesan (All reviews)
This manwha... Just yikes.

I honestly was in love when I started this manwha. It has so much heart and the heroine is strong in the face of tragedy. The two leads gradually begin to have feelings for each other despite the fact that our heroine is believed to be male.

Then things just took a downward spiral. Don't get me wrong. It was great for a while, but soon things just got so dragged out to the point where it seemed as though these romantic conflicts wouldn't conclude. And then of course as we need the end soap opera-like occurrences begin to pop up taking the story in a direction that I really despised.

So baskically, the ending was shotty and ridiculous (I won't be specific to avoid spoilers) and just such a waste when this manwha had so much potential to be great.