Mar 14, 2012
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Glass Mask a.k.a Garasu no Kamen is definitely one of the oldest manga that is still running on serialization until now. Celebrating its 36th anniversary this January 2012 -- yes it was first serialized on 1976 -- this manga continues on growing even after it's this old, and we still can't guess how is the ending going to be like.

The story revolves around an almost good-for-nothing Maya Kitajima, but has a really great passion for anything about dramas and acting. Once her buried talent is discovered by one of the most renowned actress that had retired Tsukikage Chigusa, she continued to pursue her dream on playing the most famous work, Crimson Goddess, which was originally Tsukikage's. But she isn't the only candidate-- there's also another girl that Tsukikage picked to be, which is Ayumi Himekawa, a really well-known actress on the same age as her. Ayumi is like the counterpart of Maya-- she's smart, beautiful, famous.. but who knows that Maya is actually more talented than Ayumi?

Up until this point, the plot is really well-made, original, and awesome!! We're being shown on how Maya continually grows throughout the series, and with awesome dramas and actings, things won't get boring. This manga is the type that will hook your attention since the very beginning on reading this series, and will make you eager to read more. Oh, I forgot to mention that this manga, just like other shoujo mangas, also shows bits of romance. But the romance ain't no ordinary romance. No spoilers from me, you can just read, see, and get stunned on how the love bloomed so beautifully between Maya and that particular man. Maybe there's some cliches in the romance, but nevermind that, it's still awesome. Their love is eternal, dear to all of us Glass Mask fans.

The characters, slowly but surely, grow in this series. Maya, who was so timid and not confident, began to realize her true potential and never gives up on pursuing her dreams. Ayumi, who was so cocky in the beginning, turned out to be a real gentlewoman (?), she admits defeats and always does her best to win from Maya after that.

Don't speak about characters and story because in all those aspects, this series is a complete masterpiece. The only decent point is the art, which is your classic old 80's, nothing remarkable, but the mangaka is really good on drawing emotions and delivering it to the readers. You might found the art funny at the first time, but believe me, as the story goes on and you keep on reading, you'll get used to it.

It's really cool to see how things change from the first chapter up til the latest chapter out, and believe me, you won't regret reading this.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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