Jun 16, 2008
DeathfireD (All reviews)
As a long time Starship Troopers fan it was only right that I watch the anime. I have to say it was a real treat to watch. The story follows the book pretty well and also adds in it's own interpretations. If you're into mecha anime then you will love this.

Story: Is about a young rich boy named Jonney Rico who joins the mobile infantry to help fight the war on alien bugs that plagues the earth and it's people. The story takes place in the future where humanity can freely travel from planet to planet as a luxury. Jonney originally had no idea what he wanted to do once graduating from high school and didn't want to run his fathers space trading business. However once he finds out his long time crush, Carmen, is joining the Space Navy, he too decides to join up. The story progresses from there showing the hardships he and his friends must face in order to protect the earth they live on and the people they care about.

Art: Is remarkably good for 80's art. I had no problems watching it like some old Anime that I've seen.

Sound: Amazing, They used English music for the openings, endings, and actions scenes. The sound effects where really good as well.

Character: The character development was pretty good. They focused more on Jonney since he is the main character but they also tried to add development for the other characters. They could have added more but for the amount of eps that where made I think they did a decent job. The Look of the characters was good however almost all the women in the show looked to butch or to loli (waitress). The hair styles where to manly for the women but that was probably the popular Hair style in Japan or the US in the 80s. The guys looked fine although some of them had lazy eyes lol.

Enjoyment: I really enjoyed this. It was worth the time to watch and I recommend this to anyone thats seen the movie or read the book. You wont be disappointed.