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Jun 11, 2024
Yui Hirasawa is honestly one of the best-crafted moe characters in anime. Usually, when creating a naturally airheaded and cute girl, it’s easy to make her come off as just plain dumb instead of endearing. But Naoko Yamada and her team nailed the small details that make Yui feel like a genuinely innocent child living her best life.

On the music front, I really vibe with “Fuwa Fuwa Time” and “Touched by an Angel.” The rest of the songs are kind of meh to me, maybe because the characters spent more time drinking tea than actually practicing. By the time they graduated, they didn’t have many standout performances, which is kind of a bummer, but oh well, it’s part of their charm.

I gave this anime a solid 9/10, but funny things is, when it first came out, I dropped it after one episode of season one. Fourteen years later, I decided to pick it up again and finally made it to episode two, then this season two. Back then, I was all about plot-heavy, deep-thinking anime and just couldn’t appreciate slice-of-life shows. I guess there’s no “best” anime, just what fits your mood at the time.

Lastly, for those who watched it ages ago, do you still remember that dream Yui had where Mugi took off her eyebrows and they were pickles or something, and then she and Yui ate them and said they were good? XDD
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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