Apr 2, 2024
(spoiler free but also didn’t proofread bc this anime doesnt deserve anymore of my time me thinks)

as an anime this fails on virtually every front. the music is absolutely horrendus, the visuals are so anime uwu kawaii it has no texture to it, and camera work is the worst offender. often resulting in dead pans, the camera works as a sitcom with people talking while sitting with the camera just staring at them. so creatively bankrupt. the characters are extremely bland. they feel like a flanderized version of themselves by episode 2 its insane. theres 6 characters but it genuinely feels like theres 2 characters and 4 clones. the world is so hollow and un lived in. ofc this is a slice of life not an epic fantasy but dude theres barely ANY hints of larger problems within families, communities, and domestic social issues. the anime ends with literally zero pay off to anything. theres no answers to any naturally asked questions, theres no rewarding scenes, theres no real character work. i could ignore all the poor story telling if this anime had something to say with its production. editing, storyboards, animation, color, sound design, its genuinely all so bad. the budget for this anime mustve been 30 dollars dude

(miku my goat tho)
Reviewer’s Rating: 3
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