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Apr 2, 2024
Such a wasted potential, it really had a good start, but unfortunately clichés were just overused. The story was promising, could've been amazing, but even as it was executed I'd still say it's good.

I'm not very pleased with the 2 main characters, I understand they have to be a bit oblivious so the story can happen, but when that's the only thing that moves things forward (or I should say just drags it all out) you feel disappointed given how good the plot was at the beginning. But I guess it's a shoujo afterall... Thankfully the side characters had more awareness and their storylines were a redeeming factor for me.

I really liked the art style, the characters were drawn really well.


The main characters' love was really anticlimatic. As they were slowly getting closer and closer throughout the episodes you'd expect something to happen that "seals the deal", like a kiss, but we got nothing. We basically never saw them kiss but they got married and got a kid at the very end. We got edged
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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