Dec 19, 2011
I felt satisfied after watching this,a very short but worthwhile watch.After her family is killed and her kingdom was destroyed by rival forces a young princess called Rangiku embarks on a journey to get revenge on her enimies.Along the way she seeks the aid of the legendary samurai Manajiri to join her in her quest.what make this anime so good is that unlike todays anime this female character is more than just big breasted fan-service,on the contrary she is a reasonably interesting character as she is both nice and at the same time being a bumbling cluts.she carries around her fathers finest poppet warriors ,and man does she know how to use them.Manajiri the other main character is your typical sleezy pervert and provide a nice dose of humour.

I really liked the animation the drawing is well done,scenes move from being dark to more colourful.The action is also pretty good,with nice explosion and fight scenes.I watched the dub for this and the voice acting was for the most part well done.''All in All'' nothing spectacular but still a well done and entertaining anime given how short it is.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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