Dec 18, 2011
LightningHound (All reviews)
In concert with my review for the actually A-Channel series, I decided to look up and watch the +A-Channel shorts. My ratings stay the same as the series for the reasons of consistency. You can't horribly rate an omake because it is an omake. It's like trying to study for a test with the textbook; it's ridiculous. I will say this, yes these are a series of shorts. These episodes are the little "bonus" for those devoted A-Channel fans who bought the BR or DVD of the series. Personally, I did enjoyed them because they made me laugh. It's all the same material from the actual series, just a little extra for those A-Channel fans who wanted more. I really don't regret watching watching any of these shorts. Maybe it's because I'm biased toward slice-of-life anime genres.

Simply put, if you the enjoy slice-of-life and enjoyed A-Channel then you should go ahead and watch +A-Channel, they're pretty funny! If you despise this genre, why are you even looking at this bonus in the first place?