Nov 21, 2011
Momoe and her father loved going out to eat together. Unfortunately, after he dies, Momoe finds out her father spent all of their considerable fortune on buying food.
Then Momoe stumbles across a little restaurant where the food reminds her of the comforting taste from her childhood. She is inspired to be a chef--figuring she can kill two birds with one stone. She can earn money to support herself and her mother, while at the same time fulfilling her dream.
Unfortunately Momoe sucks at cooking. Besides which, the cooks she wants to hire her is grumpy and anti-social. Her only talents seems to be her hardworking, very giving up attitude and her excellent sense of taste. Will those by enough to help her reach her dreams? Also, why is the grumpy cook suddenly of attractive?

Story: 9
The story is great. It starts of a little typical, what with the death of a parent, and a rich girl suddenly have to make her way in the world. However, the story stills draws you in, and makes you want to know what happens next. The romance element also seems to be generic, as Momoe meets a guy that has a connection to her dreams and childhood, and shortly falls in love with him. However, it diverges from the beaten path a bit with Oda already having a girlfriend, whom he actually likes quite a lot. Momoe does mope about this a bit, but after a while she doesn't have much time to worry about romance as she's trying her hardest to become a respected chef! Momoe has to deal with her lack of experience and being a 'woman in a male dominated business,' which is difficult but the ways she deals with it is enjoyable to read. The enjoyment of food, and the comfort well cooked food can give people is a major point of the story. The plot in general focuses on Momoe reaching for her dream, and also struggling with inventing a new sense of self.

Art: 9
The art is enjoyable with well drawn characters, and yummy looking food. The characters expressions are interesting and amusing. For some reason the drawings flow very well in an easy to read fashion.

Character: 9
Momoe's personality through her trial and tribulations make it very easy to root for her, even though she comes off as spoiled and a little air-headed to begin with. As the story goes on, her character begins to develop, and she becomes a stronger and more mature person.
Oda, the cook, comes off as a basic, tough on the outside, softy on the inside sort of person, but he develops quite a lot as well. As to be expected from this sort of romance, he becomes softer and more sociable because of Momoe's influence. However, he is also inspired and motivated by his girlfriend, who is a powerful and interesting character in her own right.
Other characters include a hesitant restaurant owner, a renowned chef who is also playboy, and an old woman who takes aspiring chefs under her wing. The characters all have intriguing back stories and a nice amount of development.

Enjoyment: 9
I definitely loved this manga. The message of 'follow your dreams' and the difficulties and rewards that come along with that, I think can be relatable for many people.

Overall: 9
The only complaint I would have was that the ending was a bit abrupt. I got to the last page and I felt like I had missed something. A more fleshed out ending would have been better, but in general the manga was very enjoyable.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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