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Aug 17, 2023
Preliminary (5/10 chp)
It's good so far! Unfortunately only half the chapters are scanlated, so I don't know enough to make a judgement on the story as a whole. However, so far, the art is pretty good (the food looks yummy), and the plot and the characters are interesting.
The premise isn't that unique, but there are some interesting details, such as the main character's parents revealing something about their family history, and (most recently) the love interest's backstory with his grandmother.
If you like isekai stories, or cooking/food stories, you might like this one!
(I will update this review if more chapters come out and I read them!)
Aug 17, 2023
Mixed Feelings
I really enjoyed the start! I liked that the main character is older (not a teenager), and her introduction to the other world was a little more unique as well.
I liked her powers as well, with the video game like system. This has been done before, but I feel like I've seen it more from male main characters than female, so that was a little refreshing.
The lead herself is fairly likable, but frankly doesn't have that much of a personality or development over time. There are some likable side characters, but they (mostly) don't have development either. (I think one of the side characters ...
Sep 14, 2020
Preliminary (45/? chp)
This manga focuses on the protagonist Lily a Japanese girl who is reincarnated in a fantasy kingdom, where she becomes the royal maid, adept at information gathering, problem solving, and caring for others. The story starts when she is recruited to be the mother of the royal magician's new powerful ward.
This is an ongoing manga, so my opinion might change. Also, I am a big fan of isekai, so that definitely skews my point of view. That said, I am finding this very enjoyable to read so far. The art is average, and maybe a little old fashioned even, but nothing horrible. The story ...
Sep 26, 2017
Pan de Peace! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
I do like bread, and each episode is only five minutes, so I thought, what the heck.
Based off of a 4-koma manga, the five minute episode template actually works pretty well for this. That said, one of the enjoyable things about slice-of-life is watching things unfold in a slow lazy pace.
The 'plot' of this anime is a bunch of high school girls meeting up together to share their mutual love of bread. Yep. Bread.
The images of bread at the end of the episode are probably the best part. The art isn't spectacular, but it does make you hungry.
The character design is... okay. ...
Aug 22, 2017
I like it.
Sometimes I just need something light-hearted and this fit the bill.
That said, if you are looking for something with a meaty storyline, realistic characters, astounding art and music... then this is not your show.
One thing to take into account, is that each episode is around five minutes long. That doesn't leave much time for plot or character development.
That said, the general storyline is: the main character has just gotten accepted to a sweet making academy. At this prestigious school, there are several handsome young men teachers. The strict principal does her best to make sure none of the students and teachers get ...
Jan 31, 2012
Ghost Hunt (Manga) add
This is a great manga, because of it's balance between typical shoujo elements (romance, chibi moments...) and mystery.

The manga has a episodic format, so if you prefer one smooth story line than this might not be for you. However, each of the story arcs, which is usually covered by several chapters, is very well put together and thought out. The mystery element is strong, where as the horror element is not. Horror can easily make me squeamish, but there's nothing bone chilling in here. There is some blood and random popping up of ghosts (but that is to be expected from the title I think). ...
Nov 22, 2011
Shizuku Tsukishima is an extremely relatable character. She really enjoys reading fantasy books, and hanging out with her friends, but she isn't sure what she wants out of life in general. Throughout the movie she discovers many forms of inspiration that make her want to work hard to complete something.

The art, as usual for Studio Ghibli films, is excellent, really highlighting parts of life that can be beautiful and magical, without being completely fantastical.

This movie is filled with some very comforting things: libraries, cats, violins and young romance, but it also manages to take it's simplicity and push you towards fulfilling your dreams, whatever ...
Nov 22, 2011
So this is one of my favorite mangas of all time...

It was one of the first that I was motivated to keep reading steadily, and I got very excited every time I heard a saw that a new chapter had been translated.

The general story has a very typical shoujo reverse harem feel to it. The protagonist, Haruhi's mother passed away some years ago and she's having trouble fitting in to her new school which is made up of very elite rich kids. When she's looking for a quiet place to study she suddenly runs into the Ouran High School Host Club and finds herself joining. ...
Nov 21, 2011
7 Seeds (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/178 chp)
This manga is mainly set after the end of the world. There has been a great disaster which has wiped the majority of people out. Luckily, the government was able to predict this outcome. So they decided to use cryogenics to put groups of people into hibernation, and set them to thaw out when the planet is habitable again. The story focuses on the five groups named after the seasons (two for Summer, A and B) and what happens when they wake up. The story focuses on the characters' reactions to their new world, their relationships with each other, and above all, their struggle to ...
Nov 21, 2011
Oishii Kankei (Manga) add
Momoe and her father loved going out to eat together. Unfortunately, after he dies, Momoe finds out her father spent all of their considerable fortune on buying food.
Then Momoe stumbles across a little restaurant where the food reminds her of the comforting taste from her childhood. She is inspired to be a chef--figuring she can kill two birds with one stone. She can earn money to support herself and her mother, while at the same time fulfilling her dream.
Unfortunately Momoe sucks at cooking. Besides which, the cooks she wants to hire her is grumpy and anti-social. Her only talents seems to be her hardworking, ...

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