Jan 24, 2023
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
I recently had the unfortunate idea that I should try out a harem anime and that it should be the most iconic one. School Days it is.

Turns out, my favorite thing about this anime is the background art. There are some really nice shots. However, I really dislike the character designs in this one. The art style looks so bland and palette was in dire need of some contrast. Everyone has dark hair, dark blazers, dark pants/leggings and it was legitimately starting to bug me how similar the characters looked to each other. I’m so used to looking at Bleach and Code Geass designs that this was a very frustrating experience visually.

In terms of the actual story, it’s even worse. The first few episodes were okayish in terms of drama but quite tedious to get through. Given School Days’ infamous reputation, I already could guess what was coming, but after seeing the absurdity play out on screen at the end of episode 5, I figured I had wasted enough hours of my life on this story and skipped to the last episode for closure.

The ending proved I made the right decision to spare myself. I am not going to pretend I know or care about what happened in between but the final episode was just shock factor for the sake of shock factor. None of the characters are remotely believable or make any psychological sense and I am honestly confused why people would dedicate hours of their life to this when there are so many other better shows out there.
Reviewer’s Rating: 2
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