Nov 2, 2011
saambiguous (All reviews)
Vampire Princess Miyu is one of those dark Anime that is unique because it leaves you feeling haunted. This anime has always stuck to me as one of the anime you can never forget. It is not one of those sugary anime and not every one gets a happy ending. Each episode are mainly stand alone and contained but do give a bit of a character development between the main characters Miyu and Larva.

Miyu and Larva are such an interesting couple and you are drawn into their complex and compelling relationship. Miyu is not your typical herione, sometimes you don't know what side she is on for she seems to be on her own side. I found Miyu and Larva to be a gorgeous looking couple that creeps you out a bit.

Some viewers may not agree with this dark anime but I think you should give it a chance. The anime style is wonderful and a good soundtrack. I gave it full marks because I haven't seen an anime quite like this and able to be pulled off the way it did. It gave you a sense of reality about how humans are and that not everything ends up the way we want things to be.