Oct 27, 2011
allrealelements (All reviews)
I have to admit, I started Nyanpire with pretty low expectations. My friend's recommendation had been a less-than-glowing "we just watched Nyanpire; it was really freakin' weird!" Going solely off of that vague statement and the rather silly title (I mean really, Nyanpire?), I started watching it without high hopes. Fortunately, I can say quite confidently that my initial impressions turned out to be wrong.

That's not to say that Nyanpire isn't exactly what it sounds like: a silly collection of short episodes about a cat vampire and his friends. It's exactly that - nothing more, nothing less. But Nyanpire takes this ridiculous concept and does it well, managing to fit less than three minutes of deliciously cute story into four and a half minute long episodes. The remaining minute and a half is devoted to an ending theme that is as enjoyable, cute, and ridiculous as the anime itself.

While there was no real overarching storyline (the final episode had the opportunity to set up an actual plot, but instead opted for the cheesy ending), the plots of the individual episodes were executed smoothly enough that I didn't really mind. Each episode moved along so quickly that I always found myself surprised when it was over, while at the same time feeling completely satisfied that it had been exactly as long as it needed to be.

Combined with the light touches of orchestral accompaniment and adorably simple art, Nyanpire was the perfect short anime to watch between class and while doing work without having to worry about getting completely absorbed for hours. It really is just as it appears to be on the surface, but that's by no means a bad thing. Compared to anime which try too hard to be philosophical, or go way overboard with plot twists and complex character designs, Nyanpire is refreshingly honest and simple. If you're not into the cute and silly, then Nyanpire probably isn't for you. But hey, at less than an hour of total watch time, there's no harm in giving it a try.