Oct 12, 2011
Sachoza (All reviews)
Happy Lesson is about a boy / student who inherits a large house of his parents. He has a sister who's songs and a little sister living with big sister. He is a bit lonely in the house so he let his teachers to live in his house, but there must be a secret because otherwise it can go bad for teachers.

Since the teachers stay with him, they help him to get up in the morning to go to school, cook for him, clean and wash house. He said even at the end of the anime that had it not been for them, he would had dropped out of school and no one would show how it would go with him.

Since teachers are like a mother to him, he calls them "mother" and they can always find an excuse to have a party!

At school there is a president, and it is a girl. She is in love with main character in this anime, but it's very difficult for her to tell it to him. He is very cold and dismissive, and she is of course disappointed, but it isn't stoping her. In the end, she finds out he has a secret, and do it mostly to find out. How it ends, I'm not going to tell!

The end should I not tell anything about, but I can tell my opinion about it. Because this was a fun anime, not so tension-filled, but fun, so expect not a big ending. I had no expectations about the end, because the anime was just fun to watch, at least I could not imagine how one would be. Although I failed it was the end still fun and easy. You do not sit back with a lot of questions, and it was actually a very nice way to end an anime on.

So I will not quit rate: 10/10!

The song that big sister song I must say honestly that it was terrible for my taste. My taste, nothing more to say about it.

Grade: 1 / 10

The whole anime's ranking: 8/10