Mar 29, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Hmm, how to make a smart Main character interesting? Make him whine all the time?

“He is as interesting as a Wein(er)” ~ Secretary fujiwara.

This MC is the worst character in the entire season for me.

1)He predict things but they always go wrong but hell naw “He is the smartest”
2)” I am smort so I will cri but make sure to do the right thing anyhoo”~Weiner
3)any flahm/ninym insult just makes him seem like an immature child with a crown who heard a yo mama joke. He loses reason, and one day itll bite him in his ass.

if this was a comedy-only anime id forgive all this, hell'd even give it an 8/10, but it tries so hard to be a political thriller then its fair that I judge it based on that yes.

The problem does not end there, however, The MC who is supposed to be the smartest most badass dude who can achieve whatever he wants is just a tantrum-throwing kid who gets angered by even a slight insult to his waifu, and we are not talking a little mad, He makes SOME VERY QUESTIONABLE MOVES for someone WHO HAS THIS MUCH RESPONSIBILITY cause? someone said Ninym is low-class and does not belong in the gathering.

Most of the plot goes like He tries to predict something and it fails and falls flat, he throws a tantrum then he tries to predict things again, bravo it checks out this time why? GeNiUs PriNcE.

if you liked realist heroes, this may have a similar flavor. However, the comedic timing and whiny nature of the MC is sure to hamper most of its enjoyment IMO.

If this were a comedy it would probably work but, the themes are all over the place, sometimes he worries about his people doing things for them helps them out, some times he just talks of offering them up as sacrifices. People die and are emotionally affected due to his actions so certainly this is no comedy which makes him an even bigger asshole.

But an insult to Ninym just makes him go from smort man to caveman with zero reasoning capability. He does not care what happens to his other best friend Lowa but insulting ninym = trouble.

Enough ranting time to actually review XD

Plot (6/10)
Can you please decide if you want to do a comedy or a political thriller author san? Wein makes so many downright stupid decisions due to flahms, stupid idealistic thoughts. But, it all checks out due to some smart BS he conjures out from the depths of Narnia.

Characters (3/10)
Welcome to “I tried to hard to be RE zero” Imitation of flawed? MC Weiner , White head waifu (voiced by same VA too xD) so basically Emilia 2, A love rival Lowa who is actually miles better than the Whitehead but fuck that amirite? OH, ofc Petra = Flanya the loli used to give alternate perspectives (however she is a good character and her development was a pretty good one! But yet again Weiner had to come to steal her show ).

Art and animation (7/10)
The background art is quite good, The character design makes the none male or Lolis look like the same character tho dunno why. Op art is decent, ED not so much. At least the art style I must say is rather original. Animation is okay mostly, I loved the fact that they animated the horses properly was a big plus.

Sound and VA (8/10)
VAs do a great job no issue there (yes even the VA of wiener), OST is not catchy but fits the scene.ED is rather unique with a lot of royalty vibes.

Look, It depends if you consider it to be a Comedy you'll have a great time. HELL I HAD A GREAT TIME TOO when i ignored the political blabber which i knw will be thrown out of the window in the next fram., but if you try hard to be an intellectual political thriller and fail every criteria in it , I will judge as the same and so will others hence consider it a comedy anime or maybe watch 2 episodes to check if you can tolerate his bullshitery,
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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