Feb 26, 2022
I was glad to discover Junai no Seinen features Kaoru and Daigo since they are my favourite pairing so far. In this part of the series, Kaoru and Daigo face new challenges, mostly self-made.

Kaoru is still one of my favourites and I liked the dynamic between him and Daigo. Kaoru needs to be in control and Daigo gladly surrenders the control to him. But while I did like that, I also thought that Daigo tends to surrender too easily sometimes. Add to that Kaoru's own insecurities and needs and you have a recipe for disaster.

From ...Virgin Love I figured out that Kaoru has some unresolved issues and I knew they would come out sooner or later. And oh, boy, did they come out. I don't blame him, though, it's in no way his fault. There's been some character growth and I'm happy about it.

And since Chiharu and Kazuki made an appearance here too, I am delighted at the awareness of Chiharu's awful personality. There is no amount of suger coating it and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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