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May 16, 2022
Ryman's Club (Anime) add
I think it's safe to say I really like sports animes. Not sure if I absolutely love them, yet, I have to watch a few more, but they are great. I like the team spirit and the characters' motivation. What I especially liked in 'Salaryman's Club' is that the team members are working adults, as opposed to high schoolers like every other sports anime I watched so far.

I mentioned I like the team spirit and the characters' motivation in sports anime. Here I could have done with a little bit extra. There was team spirit, but as far as the characters go, I could ...
May 15, 2022
Now that I have reached the last season of DRRR I have to say 'wow, that's anticlimactic'.

The first season caught my attention, I enjoyed it a lot, and naturally I wanted to continue with the series. The issue here is that the following seasons didn't really hold up to the first one. I gave DRRR the benefit of the doubt, expecting it to turn a leaf and start being super engaging and awesome again. But that didn't happen. Even now I somehow have hope that the series will turn around, I think I'm in denial.

I am not satisfied at all with the last ...
May 7, 2022
For some reason I was under the impression that this is the last season of the series and I was actually really curious how it'll all settle, but here I am, I reached the last episode and everything is still far from getting resolved.

I really liked the character's evolution so far, especially Mikado's. I think he was the most affected by everything that's been happening around him and it's interesting seeing him react to everything.
I really love how the other characters too complicate things, you just don't know who's plotting what or what randos are going to show up. Speaking of, I also ...
Feb 27, 2022
I loved when the hot pot was mentioned in the anime, and I loved watching the whole evening. I actually would have liked for the episode to be longer, but I'll take what I can get.

I enjoyed the characters chatting about their past, about how they met and what made them stick together. It was a successful hot pot party. And it also helped me decide just which characters I like the most. During the first season it was really hard to pick favourites, but I think I can confidently say that one of my favourites is Kida. That might change while I watch ...
Feb 26, 2022
This manga took me by surprise. It was way calmer than the others and I liked that. Chiharu and Kazuki faced one of perhaps the most challenging situations so far. Or, well, started to because there is a lot left to go on.

I think so far this is my favourite manga featuring Chiharu and Kazuki, one where Chiharu's true colours surface even more in front of Kazuki. And Kazuki, I really enjoyed his development, he went from a kid who I didn't think would ever be able to hold his ground to a man who knows exactly what to do and say in order ...
Feb 26, 2022
Mixed Feelings
The manga started off quite funny to me, but things got serious soon. Amaeta Kemono no Shitsukekata features Kazuki and Chiharu again, and again we get everyone drooling at the sight of Chiharu. By now I'm really used to it and I expect it, but I still don't like it. Also, I get that it's Japanese culture to work until you literally can't stand up, but that's something I can't get used to. Chiharu is pushing himself way too hard and dragging everyone else, except Kazuki, behind him.

Speaking of, this time Kazuki is set on pushing Chiharu's buttons despite being warned not to. He's ...
Feb 26, 2022
Ueta Aikata (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Although I didn't enjoy the previous manga as much, I was excited about this one, the second manga featuring Jin (maybe I should start calling him Kyo) and Jun. I still quite like both of them so despite not enjoying the plot of Aikata that much, I was looking forward to this couple, to the development of their relationship.

While I got some of what I was hoping for, I also got a scene this manga would have been great without. I really don't like Kyo that much any longer, but I still like Jun. He just could have done so much better.

So far ...
Feb 26, 2022
Aikata (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
When I saw Jin I just knew he was going to get his own manga. In the Kemono Universe everyone who is a president or heir of a company is bound to get his own manga. There's no other choice.

This series makes me think of 'A Man Who Defies the World of BL', none of them have any choice.

But back to the manga. This time we got a whole different plot. Still one of the most common plots in yaoi mangas, but at least this couple started way different than the others. I don't mind either way, though. And I also can't say ...
Feb 26, 2022
Men's Love (Manga) add
[Kaoru] I want to know why didn't you tell me all this before you left.
[Daigo] Because I already rejected outright and didn't want you to worry.
[Kaoru] If I have nothing to worry, why aren't you back here with me?

By how this manga started I didn't think I would enjoy it as much despite featuring my favourite couple in the series so far, but as I continued reading I really enjoyed it. I have to ask, though, does no one in these mangas read mangas? When ever did not talking about something with one's partner turned out great? Communication would avoid so many issues. But ...
Feb 26, 2022
[Toudou - speaking to himself] What should we do, Kazuki? Chiharu is a tough man to manage.
[Me] Pfft, Kazuki is managing him just fine.

I took a few days break before reading this manga. I both got distracted by doing something else and I also wasn't very motivated to read it due to the fact that the main pairing here is Kazuki and Chiharu. It surprised me that I started to like them. There's been some character development and their relationship evolved in an unexpected direction. And Chiharu is getting more and more infatuated, if not even obsessed, with Kazuki. I still don't think their ...

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