Oct 13, 2021
Yonathedragon1 (All reviews)
Well what can I say. I don't normally write reviews but I decided to make an exception for this masterpiece. There are a few brief spoilers including a discussion of my favourite scene of the movie.
This Violet Evergarden movie has to be one of the best, if not the best anime movie I have ever watched. I know that a lot of people have doubts about watching this movie because they are against the age gap, for me personally it's not an issue as my parents have the same age gap but I see why it may not be favourable to them. All I have to say on this matter is I implore you to forget about that just whilst you watch the move so you can fully enjoy this captivating story.
First off the artwork what can I say but *chef's kiss* absolutely stunning it has to be one of the best animations I have seen for an anime ever. The colours are so rich and vibrant, it's really beautiful. The animators at KyoAni are truly wizards especially to produce such a beautiful movie.
Then the soundtrack, absolutely amazing and I'm very proud to say it has become a permanent edition to my YouTube playlist, curtesy of Evan Calls personal chanel. The dramatic music lends itself so well to the storyline, this along with the animation makes the movie so much better
The story itself is such a tearjerker, we should have expected what would happen in the end especially considering the young boy was terminally ill but you just couldn't help but cry, and then Violet and Gilbert's heartwrenching albeit slightly cheesy reunion (although there is nothing wrong with that) in the water. It all just adds to the feeling of the movie.
The voice actors are amazing as well the talent of the voice actors add to the movie lends itself so well to the storyline and adds so much depth to the movie( in both Japanses and English)
The highlight of the movie would be for me the reunion of Violet and Gilbert because you can truly visibly see the growth poor Violet has been through and her earnest love towards Gilbert. That coupled with the magic effects of the soundtrack and that stunning animation easily makes the scene one of my favourites out of all the anime I have watched.
This movie is such a beautiful way to portray love of every type and every type, from romantic love with no boundaries, to the understanding and unconditional love between parents and their children. From love between siblings to love formed through the strong bonds of friendship. What made me especially teary eyed was the fact that Gilbert and Violet had been separated for so long but they were still sincerely in love with each other, even little details like that, for me, make the story that little bit better.
It makes me so upset that people are willing to pass on this move because of their beliefs on age gaps. So as I stated at the beginning I implore you to brush aside those feeling only for a short while, this movie is truly a spectacle for the eyes, the ears and the heart. It is sure to leave a lasting impact on me and I'm sure many other people anyways.