Jul 24, 2021
AoT Before the Fall tells a story that happens about 70 years before Eren, Mikasa, Armin and everyone else you know from the main manga or anime.

The main character here is Kuklo, "The titan's soon", a baby somehow born from a titan, and during his journey, we will learn more about stuff like how people lived 30 years after humanity started living inside the walls; how the military dealt with the expeditions outside the walls without their ODM Gear, and even how the same was invented.

This manga has a bunch of new and amazing characters, which in my opinion, is the highest point of the manga. Kuklo, Charle, Kardina and all the other characters you'll find here are amazing, unique and really enjoyable.
The story itself is great; not amazing like the main one, but still great. Besides some inconsistencies, such as titans active at night, it fits really well in the AoT world.

Overall, it's a really good spin-off story, and people really should read it, since it's very unknown between the fandom.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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