Jun 10, 2021
OldTimez (All reviews)
The anime started off strong, but as I watch the latest episode I just think to myself; "where did it go wrong?" It started off strong but really just devolved into mediocrity, even worse because it seemed like it was going places. However as the anime goes on, stuff gets ass pulled and the plot just becomes "whatever."

I feel like in most time travel anime, the main character is smart enough to take that future knowledge and even be able enough, to improvise if things go different. However the MC is a failure by design, I'm sure this is the authors intention but I'm not going to wait around waiting for him to change and get good when it's been going downhill for 4 episodes already.

Lastly just because the manga might be good, (as I have not read it) that doesn't mean the anime will be good. Really not sure what all these other good rating reviewers are seeing in this that I'm not.

I really don't have anything else to say right now, maybe I'll come back to this review as I intend to finish it after getting this far. However I don't have any hopes that's for sure.

Final note: In the drop down menu 4 is 'Bad' but when writing this review a 4 is 'Decent' which this isn't. Therefore my rating dropped to '3' in line the appropriate description of 'Poor.'