Tokyo Revengers

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Alternative Titles

English: Tokyo Revengers
Japanese: 東京リベンジャーズ


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 11, 2021 to Sep 19, 2021
Premiered: Spring 2021
Broadcast: Sundays at 02:08 (JST)
Producers: Pony Canyon
Licensors: None found, add some
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, DramaDrama, SupernaturalSupernatural
Theme: SchoolSchool
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.301 (scored by 277046277,046 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2342
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #186
Members: 695,389
Favorites: 17,020

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Jun 23, 2021
rebirthx (All reviews)
Tokyo Revengers: the anime where 26-year-olds look like overgrown kids and kids look like they must have hit puberty right out the womb. Because yes, that's what most of our main characters are - kids. And they sure do act like it too.

If I had to describe my experience watching Tokyo Revengers every week in one sentence, all I can say is that it feels like such a chore. I can't be the only one who gets reminded of dramatic Indian soap operas watching a bunch of testosterone-jacked dudes overreacting every few scenes or so. Then why, if it annoys me so much, do I read more
Jun 4, 2021
MikuNakano223 (All reviews)
Such a boring show, typical time travelling, middle school gangs who look like adults, goofy mc, no emotion this show it the defenition of a hype train.

Or so a fool would say...

This spring season has been producing amazing and interesting shows but for me tokyo revengers takes the cake here. Our protagnist Takemitchi is on a mission to save Hina from her destined fate and has to work back in time solving events in order to stop the inevitable.

What intrests me the most about this show is the way our protagnists wants to protect his girlfriend but 8 episodes in and hes already growing bonds read more
Sep 18, 2021
RebelPanda (All reviews)
Déjà vu.

The dictionary tells us déjà vu is an unpleasantly familiar feeling. Tokyo Revengers made me feel déjà vu because it is the latest of many overhyped shounen adaptations with nothing to offer except for animation. But this adaptation of a multimillion-dollar franchise has the unbelievable audacity to look like it was animated on a shoe-string budget in the early 2000s. Its utterly unremarkable story about middle school gang wars is only worsened by sluggish pacing and ugly art.

Two middle school gangs wrapped in a turf war lead to the murder of an innocent person—one man has the power to prevent it all. Takamichi is read more
Sep 18, 2021
End (All reviews)
Although I want to bash Tokyo Revengers (TR) for all its worth, I found myself on the cheering side of the show. 

It is a fact that watching TR can be a bit frustrating at times, with its endlessly slow pace of development, musclebrain characters that are only full of punches, an exaggerated fight filled with bloody spurts, and the poorly excused plot just because it needs to. Can TR still be considered as a good series in the end? My answer would still be yes, it is. 

As a newcomer to the time-traveling genre, TR manages to present itself as a brand new story with a read more
Sep 18, 2021
SingleH (All reviews)
Even if you ignore the snail’s pace, the five minute recaps, and the shitty slide-show animation, this show is just dumb and bad.
Spoilers ahead.

Fans of shounen anime do themselves and their favorite new seasonal show a huge disservice when they label it as being “different” or unique, because when this ignorant praise catches the attention of anyone who has seen more than a few dozen anime, those people are immediately disappointed the second they see it. It’s often said the worst thing you can do to a series is overhype it, because when it inevitably turns out to be utterly mediocre, it won’t meet read more
Jun 9, 2021
Danishkabby (All reviews)
Tokyo Revengers hasn't even gone 1/2 of the way through its' runtime, and already the flawless 10/10 scores have come flooding in-- many of which are written by readers of the source material. As someone who's also read the manga, I further affirm that Tokyo Manji Revengers is a fantastic read that had me on the edge of my seat and my heart jumping out of my chest.
That being said, if you asked me if this anime adaption is equally entertaining, or an upgrade upon the source material? I would have to disappointedly tell you that, no, this animated version of the story does not read more
Jun 10, 2021
UsurperMilano (All reviews)
Okay, I was a little underwhelmed when first coming into this. But as the episodes played out one by one, The story just got better and better. I have seen people call this an Erased ripoff but what they fail to realize is how much they casually use this and it just becomes amazing as the plot progresses and each time Takemichi returns to the present, a new timeline unfolds and it just feels fresh instead of just repeating the cycle!

Though character designs might not be the best, the sound not be the one to please your ears but the overall storyline combined with read more
Jun 9, 2021
Carlito9 (All reviews)
The most overrated anime of the year and perhaps the decade, even though the pacing of the story is bad you could have enjoyed the story if they changed the main character he has absolutely 0 likable attributes and makes You hate the whole anime.

the author fails in explaining anything in regards of time travel and the trigger for it,

I have watched 9 episodes and there is 0 progress in the story and the main character development.
It feels like you are wasting your time by watching it, you could spend the time on other anime’s you missed or tv series’s

Sep 18, 2021
TheHolyMuffin (All reviews)
Time travel, the most overworked setting of every sci-fi show to ever come out. It’s such a simple concept on paper yet extremely difficult to execute properly in any medium. Most time travel shows follow two paths. They either shine brightly and is remembered by people as a revolutionary piece of media such as Terminator or Back to the Future, or is over hyped and falls into the pit of mediocrity and is forgotten by most people. Tokyo Revengers unfortunately follows the latter of these two paths.

If the word “Overhyped” had a picture, it would be the Tokyo Revengers poster. A show filled with annoying read more
Jul 11, 2021
WorthOfPoint (All reviews)
Avoid this, if your 12 years old cousin, Virgil, is telling you that this anime is good, just tell him to get lost because this crap doesn't deserve your attention, dear sir, just go ahead and watch anything else, there are better movies about time traveling, better anime, better tv shows.
First of all, I would like to point out the lack of mature characters and authority figures in this anime... So puffed up 15-16 years old kids can do whatever they want in Tokyo without anyone telling them anything, they live in gangs, they fight to the death in parks, they have access to knives, read more
Jun 1, 2021
Pedzz (All reviews)
some spoilers ig

TLDR: cliché, relationships of all kind are cliché, vocabulary is cliché, timing is cliché, animation is cliché, reactions are cliché, most characters are cliché. very good plot wasted.

appalling that's all i can say, 8 episodes in and only 1 ep was enjoyable the rest is quite literally soft torture, fighting through every minute because i like the plot. constantly overexplaining stuff(even tho time travel is poorly explained), always letting the watcher know whats happening way before the characters, which makes their reactions pathetic, random stupid tiny mistakes that are easy to spot(eg hina spots takemitchy after he spots her even tho hes half read more
Jul 7, 2021
Lelouchokarin (All reviews)
Tokyo Revengers is one of, if not the worst anime to air this year.
Had to quit this generic shitshow of an anime and picked up the manga to see if it actually improves but boy was I wrong, the manga is just as awful, maybe even worse. The Characters are super unlikeable & generic, like I have frickin seen this same set so many times in other works. Plus this is like a copy of other manga/anime meshed together; the likes of Erased+Steins;gate, but I wouldn't critique it for this, since maybe they come off as inspiration.

Anyway, Story: 1/10. This is a show about read more
Jun 23, 2021
Cristian01 (All reviews)
Time travel, a delinquent protagonist, and motorcycle gang fights? Sounds like a great concept, right? At least it does to me. That's what got me to start watching this show in the first place. After watching some episodes, I think that the score of this show is heavily inflated.

This show was set up to be great, but main one thing really drags it down. That thing is the main character himself, Takemichi. Messing up the protagonist is a grave storytelling sin in my opinion.

Takemichi is, to put it nicely, a bad character. His main role in the show is crying and getting beaten read more
May 28, 2021
Mourdgee (All reviews)
This is my First Review so I'm sorry if its bad (This Review has Spoilers and sorry if the english is bad)

First I was interested by the concept idea because it would be cool if done correctly. I thought I would like it but, it seems that this anime didn't explain what's happening and currently leave me confused.

(Spoiler Alert)
What leave me being confused is what happened on episode 1. The time travel thing wasn't explained thoroughly and I had a hard time thinking how it works. I know it is just fiction but even so it was hard to believe the time travel concept, read more
Sep 18, 2021
ConceitedModesty (All reviews)
I've always loved astrophysics and the many concepts that come its possibilities and constraints like how because we have mass, we cannot travel in time at the speed of light and thus need to hypothetically make use of black holes to warp time. And then comes the endless risks and possibilities about infinite timelines and the sorts. I'm not stating this to seem smart or woke, it's just a branch of science that I love studying more about. However, in the case of this show, it does not implement it properly nor does it explore any compelling and imaginative methods on how to travel in read more
Jun 10, 2021
OldTimez (All reviews)
The anime started off strong, but as I watch the latest episode I just think to myself; "where did it go wrong?" It started off strong but really just devolved into mediocrity, even worse because it seemed like it was going places. However as the anime goes on, stuff gets ass pulled and the plot just becomes "whatever."

I feel like in most time travel anime, the main character is smart enough to take that future knowledge and even be able enough, to improvise if things go different. However the MC is a failure by design, I'm sure this is the authors intention but I'm not read more
Sep 18, 2021
SenbeiPan (All reviews)
The success of Tokyo Revengers may be no surprise for others, but it's a mystery for me. Because, although it presents itself as a time travel show at the start, it's a battle shounen that's filled with the tropes we saw countless times before. The only thing it differs itself from other popular battle shounens is it takes place in our world and our MC doesn't have any superpowers that will help him in fights. But most tropes the other battle shounens have are still there, and it uses them in the worst way possible. Unnecessary noisy MC? Check. Characters who win the fights by read more
Jul 9, 2021
Lime15 (All reviews)
The character design has a huge problem
A grown-up MC would look exactly the same as he was in his high school years.
But, a high-school mob character would look like they are in their middle age.
Also, most of the characters have an extremely long neck which is kinda weird honestly.

The time travel aspect of this anime is weak. It literally took 2 minutes for the characters to figure out what triggers the time travel that they did.
Instead of spending time exploring how and why they time travel. this anime shows 0 effort in the time travel aspect.

I know this is an anime about gangsters but read more
Jun 27, 2021
Naitrodex (All reviews)
I never in my life wrote a review, but seeing this Anime and reading through all of the other peoples reviews, I just can't at all understand the overall score this Anime has. It not outright trash either, dont get me wrong, but here is my point of view:

The Story is just shit really. Badly done Steins Gate, FULL of plotholes (and I didnt even try to look for it). Bad writing and nothing special at all.
Girl dies, boy timetravels to save girl.
When I felt like this Anime had a good conclusion in the 12th episode, everything turned upside down yet again, which is read more
Jun 23, 2021
y8man (All reviews)
Tokyo Revengers is a very hilariously bad anime with quite a strong initial appeal but bafflingly weak execution. I really wanted to stop by episode 4; I held on to the endearing old school flair, but soon realized it's just a poor form of nostalgia bait that other anime have done and incorporated better.

But being the special officially first dropped anime in my catalog as a MAL user, I feel compelled to at least put down my thoughts as to why I grew to just... be disconnected with it.

Tokyo Revengers has laughably bad dialogue, very cheesy, very cliche, very predictable - all of which makes read more