May 8, 2021
This show is a master piece. Parasyte is a basic Seinen/Action series that builds itself on its characters and their struggles. The show deals with subjects such as a humanity and life in a subtle manner that does not distract from the simple entertainment that is delivered by its well paced plot. It's cast features some very interesting characters and developments that feel real to life. Sometimes you find yourself resonating very well with a struggle or development a character in anime is going through. This is one of those shows that features many moments where that may occur to you. Some viewers may even learn a lesson from it.
Madhouse delivers and there is nothing to complain about the animation quality. The soundtrack is superb.

Oh and then the story nosedives near the end. The protagonist becomes incomprehensible. Suddelny there is philosophical exposition to the extreme, so you just know whoever wrote or directed this really felt like telling you what they thought of life on earth. It's like someone decided that all the elements that made this show great didn't matter in the end.

Well that's that. The first half of the show is still fantastic and the third quarter also has something to offer. Despite the drop in quality towards the end it's still a highly recommended watch (if you don't mind some violence).
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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