Jul 18, 2011
ST&RS (Manga) add (All reviews)
urbanshammy (All reviews)
Why do I rate this manga an overall 10 when the story, art, character, and enjoyment ratings are 8,9,9, and 9 respectively? It's because I feel having all fairly high rating categories deserves extra rating points.
It is refreshing to see a new sci-fi manga that is about astronauts and space shuttles instead of spaceships and really futuristic technology. The story is clear, concise, and open; the author can seamlessly place events and situations in a thoughtful manner without having to force it.
The art is appears simple compared to some manga, yet still full of details. The artist sometimes efficiently uses lines to give people and objects form, then places lines strategically to give the suggestion of more detail. (example: chapter 1, page 29 a bunch of stars instead of a lot of them)
Since I have only read 2 chapters so far (what is online right now) I can only hope it will get better but I think this manga is one of the best for this year and I think it is one worth looking in to.