Apr 20, 2021
Preliminary (32/? chp)
This is the first time I am crying while reading manga that is not supposed to make me cry. I am similar with Hananoi-kun, "too intense" but it's not because I want to be like that, maybe I just don't know how to love someone normally and too anxious. Similar with Hananoi-kun, I am also afraid the person I love will leave me when he meet someone more 'normal' than me and this is most likely because of my self-hatred. So yeah, this manga really touch my heart and I honestly need someone like Hotaru in my life, I hope I will meet someone like her one day.

I know many people will have problem with his attitude (Like the most helpful review in here), but this is story about character development and relationship development, what's wrong with flawed character try to be better? He changes slowly so you can't see his change just one chapter then BOOM he changes. Or you mean to say someone like me don't have the right to be loved and change? Who are you? Are you that perfect to think flawed character is not worth to be loved?

I know his behavior is kinda stalkerish but I also know he try to limit himself, his feeling is genuine, and this is what the female lead see but many reader fail to see. Their relationship is far from toxic because she knows how to make his world wider, make him change and compromise while at the same time the male lead also help her to understand love and experience new things. Their relationship is trial and error but they communicate well, compromise and change to be better. Their relationship feels real.

Other than that, the character is really real and that's also the reason why I feel what Hananoi-kun feel and I understand how Hotaru feel. And the art of this author is always nice so nothing to complain.

I also recommend to read author other works.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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