Apr 18, 2021
Mixed Feelings
tl;dr: Honestly, not bad for a manga about high school competitive eating. Funny at times. At least read up to volume 3.

This manga is about a competitive eating club. It follows a typical sports manga plot, train, go to competitions, regionals, nationals, whatever. It does have information about professional eating like stretching your stomach and keeping it stretched out. Makes it seem miserable which I am sure it is.
It does have some funny moments. I wasn't laughing out loud but it made me chuckle. Competitive eating sports manga may seem like a joke but it is taken pretty serious. The competitions are just like they would be for any other sport. Strategy, losers crying, all that good stuff.
The characters in the beginning are pretty generic but after the first volume we get a new more unique cast of characters; unique meaning they actually look and act differently. I do like the characters, especially the coach and the main guy. They bring in a girl which is something you don't really see in sports manga. This is a pretty good sport for a co-ed team since real life has plenty of women competitive eaters that compete with men.
The one thing I can say is bad about this manga is the flow of time. You really get no warning whenever there is a jump so be prepared to wonder how you are suddenly weeks into the future. Not really a big deal but it is certainly jarring. Should have taken less time on the lower levels of the tournament. You really can't get much out of competitive eating. You can show off different foods, which they did, but you run out of food to eat eventually. A fast pace was a good choice but this is a bit too fast. Really not that bad.
So yeah, this is a good read I would say. Only took me like 2 hours. It is all translated in English so I'm not sure why it only has 70 members who have read it. It is pretty easy to find too. If a manga about competitive eating peaks your fancy, give it a read. At least read volume 2 so you can see the new characters.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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