Jun 28, 2011
Charliegone (All reviews)
Astarotte no Omocha! is pretty much what I call "filler anime of the season." In other words, an anime you will find easy to forget and probably never watch again.

Characters: Average to poor. Typical stuff you'd find in other animes like the big boobed girl, the little girl who's older than she looks that's very very very little, your moe characters, the tsundere, etc. Yeah pretty much average, typical (some times boring characters). I didn't really find any character interesting at all.

Story: Average to poor. Story? I think that the majority of the series was used to show up new characters that really didn't do much for protagonists. Sometimes it moves slow, some times fast and some times at a different pace, geez can we get a decent pace, that way I'm not wondering "hey where the heck did that guy go that was introduced in so and so episode? Oh well."

Art: Pretty average. I didn't particularly like it. It was just too colorful and simple. Almost no detail to anything other than the reused backgrounds every once in a while.

Sound: Easily forgettable. I don't even know how the opening theme starts, to show you just how forgettable it is. I kind of remember the ending theme, but it's also, easily forgettable. Also that piano piece they played in the anime was/is reused throughout the anime over and over and over and over again. Pretty annoying.

Enjoyment/Overall: I give it a mediocre score. It was good for some laughs, maybe some eye candy for you lolicons, but that's about it. An easily forgettable anime if you are more into the story/characters of animes. Do I recommend it? I would say probably not.