Jun 25, 2011
Plagus777 (All reviews)
I wasn't expecting much of a plot or anything exciting to up the rating for this particular OVA. But knowing the genre of the original anime I was sure that I was going to get a generous spoonful of service along with plot equivalent to that of food bought at your regular convenience store because your mother couldn't fix you something better to eat.

That Spoon full of service? Well... I could tell its the same spoon God uses to eat his frosted flakes because it was fucking huge and the service was epic.

Story: 6
Art : 9
Character: 8
Enjoyment: (Full Female Cast)(Strip Games) + 2(Nipple) to the square root of uncensored = one happy motherfucking viewer = Simplified to → You get my point...
Overall: 8

As much as I enjoyed, service isn't everything, but extremely high to what I usually give OVAs.