Feb 7, 2021
Preliminary (15/? chp)
I do not know what else to say but KAWAIIIIII (this review is based on the first 15 chapters)

DISCLAIMER..... DONT watch if you do not like seeing the cutest ML everrr

I do not know why nobody has written a review for this yet but so I can help you out I will write one for you

STORY 7/10: The story itself is interesting in my opinion, it is about a high school first-year who confesses to the guy who she has liked for a while, and then he blatantly rejects her and he even posted on his socials totally making fun of her, then when she is on library duty she meets the most popular guy in school (yh yh cliche I know) and she tells him what happened then basically he said she should just have an unrequited love for he instead which sounds so conceited but trust me its the cutest thing ever

ART 8/10: the art is nothing too special but I think it really captures the calmness of the ML and the clumsy and cuteness of the FL

CHARACTER 7/10: NOW if we were just talking about the ML then it would be a ten but I think the denseness of the FL deducts a few points, but honestly it is not that nad since she obviously has been heartbroken so it's not like she would believe anything good could happen to her

ENJOYMENT 10/10: at first I found the situation kind of weird but that was only for like the first two chapters then I after that I was saying KAWAII after every chapter

OVERALL 8/10: I really recommend this manga, I can not say anything else but I just love it so much!! so enjoy
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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