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Feb 8, 2021
I am gonna make this nice and quick and say...

I really enjoyed this manga, there are times I laughed, cried, and went ooh la la, it definitely was not bad but I just do not think the way they executed some situations was the best and I also think the female lead can sometimes be self-centered but honestly you should read it, there is a bit of angst but who does not enjoy that sometimes?


First time I actually did not know who I wanted her to end up with but in the end, she ended up with the obvious choice which I guess is ...
Feb 7, 2021
Preliminary (15/? chp)
I do not know what else to say but KAWAIIIIII (this review is based on the first 15 chapters)

DISCLAIMER..... DONT watch if you do not like seeing the cutest ML everrr

I do not know why nobody has written a review for this yet but so I can help you out I will write one for you

STORY 7/10: The story itself is interesting in my opinion, it is about a high school first-year who confesses to the guy who she has liked for a while, and then he blatantly rejects her and he even posted on his socials totally making fun of her, then when ...

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