Jan 28, 2021
chessplayer798 (All reviews)
story- 4
while I love the message, the story itself is not very well executed, I think the biggest limiting factor was the 30 minute run times, due to this they could not have the proper setup needed in order to establish needed plot points. Additionally for being a 30-minute show, the begging was far to slow, it felt like 80% of the episode was just an introduction
while there are some problems with CGI it is overall pretty fine and I liked the color pallet,
easy the best part of the show, the sound design and music was actually very good and fit the atmosphere
the charters felt uninspired and dull, nothing really unique, but this is not there fault once again it is hard to make an interesting Charactershow out in a 30 minute short
I saw myself watching the timer the entire time almost witching it would be over, but there are some moments that are pretty good and I enjoyed
I think the idea was good, and I loved the message but the execution was pretty bad