Jan 26, 2021
Preliminary (61/? chp)
Personally, I love this manga, Although the chapters are h]short and it feels like there's a long wait time for new chapters, I thoroughly enjoyed this manga. It may seem like a cliche ripoff of manga like nagataro this manga has certain parts and charms that make it stand out in my opinion.

It starts out with the usual dense MC and a FMC that seems rough and dominating on the outside. As the story progresses though, you see the growth that each character goes through and the interactions transform between the characters.

(slight spoilers)
The reactions from the MC in the later chapters are more reasonable and it actually seems like he has gotten used to handling the FMC. the FMC slowly falls deeper in love and it gets harder and harder for her to hide her true feelings.

In a genre that is oversaturated with characters that have the same personality in chapter 50 as they did in chapter 1, this is a great palate cleanser and I feel like this manga does this part well in terms of character growth. (don't expect insane changes though. It's more subtle in how the MC reacts differently.)

The art is a little on the weak side nut character designs are good and the settings are there but there isn't as much of a focus.
The side characters are minimal but when they do show up, they offer for great interactions and situations between the leads.

The weakest part about this series however, is the chapters and the releases. It feels like the chapters are extremely short for the amount of time it takes for a new chapter to release.

Overall, I really enjoyed this series and I often find myself smiling every time I finish a chapter. It's extremely wholesome and enjoyable in my opinion, is worth giving a chance to read.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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