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Mar 1, 2021
great for if you want to cry
also great if you ever wondered how much value your life has
great story and concept
great characters and character development
simplistic but great art style

I have never cried over a manga until I read this story. I didn't even think this manga would make me feel anything at all just looking at how many chapters it was. The way the characters are explained and you get t see their own personal thoughts is great and you can easily place yourself in either of the main characters shoes. The unique idea of the story and take on what gives a person ...
Mar 1, 2021
Preliminary (8/11 eps)
This is a great anime in general and in my opinion one of my top isekai anime I have ever seen. The genre is over-saturated with op characters that don't do anything to get to the strength they have and the animation and story always felt the same. In Mushoku Tensei, You get to see the MC go through training and you get to see him physically grow up as well as grow in his powers wich I really appreciate. Another problem most isekai anime these days face is animation and story. Mushoku Tensei probably has the best animation as of 2021 right next to ...
Feb 18, 2021
Preliminary (6/12 eps)
In my opinion, everything about this anime is good. The animation, characters, story and sound are all top tier. The animation is my favorite part about this anime. Every frame in every episode could be used as standalone art panels and you can really feel the effort and time that went in to each little detail. Every now and then, the animation switches styles slightly to give the characters more emotion and it always works in favor of the story. Speaking of he story, although it seems confusing and trippy at first, it becomes easier o understand and learning about the different pasts and stories ...
Feb 4, 2021
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
I'll just say it up front, the art style pales in comparison to the doujinshi. This is the case with most doujinshi adaptations but, the animation and art style for Kimi Ga Suki was great in my opinion compared to other vanilla hentai out there. The story was good and it really gave the sense of true love. It was extremely wholesome (minus the sex) and it made me rethink my life choices that brought me to the level of reviewing a hentai. The voice acting is nothing special to write about but I was still absorbed in the film.

Wholesome and heartwarming anime like ...
Jan 26, 2021
Preliminary (7/13 chp)
There aren't that many chapters so I don't really have a full picture of the overall story and the direction its taking. However, I can say that the art and characters are really good. The chapters have good length and the quality stays good the whole time.

the main characters are likable and the side characters add for good interaction and moments. However, they aren't a main focus of the story which I like. This manga wastes no time with buildup and filler and goes straight to the story. Often times, manga gets stretched out longer than necessary but this manga, was able to have what ...
Jan 26, 2021
Preliminary (61/? chp)
Personally, I love this manga, Although the chapters are h]short and it feels like there's a long wait time for new chapters, I thoroughly enjoyed this manga. It may seem like a cliche ripoff of manga like nagataro this manga has certain parts and charms that make it stand out in my opinion.

It starts out with the usual dense MC and a FMC that seems rough and dominating on the outside. As the story progresses though, you see the growth that each character goes through and the interactions transform between the characters.

(slight spoilers)
The reactions from the MC in the later chapters are more reasonable and ...
Dec 28, 2020
Plunderer (Anime) add
Cool concept, Poor execution. The characters seem forced and copied from other anime. OP pervert protagonist done bad and bashful love interest done bad. Character designs are lame and forgettable and anime relies too heavily on dot dot dot long pause comedy moments. not worth your time. I kept forcing myself to watch the next episode telling myself, it gets better but it doesnt. the story seems to go nowhere and when i does, it doent feel satisfying. The art feels boring and I felt like I was watching an anime made in 2015 rather than one made in 2020.
Dec 26, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (14/? chp)
Its a title that doesn't really explain the premise of the manga. The part about saving a girl from a molester is a small part from the beginning of the story that in my opinion doesn't play any larger role other than to force the two of them together. I personally found he MC to be a little lacking when it came to self esteem and he just would be constantly putting himself down and selling himself short. I liked all of the side characters because they give the story some entertainment value but I just couldn't get over the beta MC. The love interest/ ...
Dec 22, 2020
Animeta! (Manga) add
Preliminary (15/? chp)
I personally found this really interesting to read. This is a manga pretty much explaining the whole process behind what goes into making an anime. The main character is easily likeable although her character feels a little like its been done before. The supporting cast is also small with interesting backstories and personalities that work well with each other. I learned a lot about what goes in to making an anime and the things that animators go through to get a single frame done for an anime. The art style is great, but the characters can look a little weird in some panels and the ...
Dec 20, 2020
Preliminary (18/? chp)
Personally, I really enjoy this manga. This type of story has probably been done countless times before, but I found myself enjoying every chapter I've read so far. its not a doujinshi BTW. The art style was great and easy on the eyes but I did find myself wanting a little more detail in terms of the background characters and settings in general.
The ML of the manga is likeable although he may be a little mediocre and average in terms of romance manga male leads. He doesn't really have any definable features besides being short and being the senpai. The FL on the other ...