Dec 3, 2020
TheZilla (All reviews)
I could not believe my eyes.

Kyoto Animation, you god. Violet Evergarden has always tried to entail one single story, Violet tries to find the meaning of love. In this movie, it reiterates this concept and pushes it to a whole new level. Humans have emotions, and so does Violet. Despite us being granted the power of feeling emotions, Violet does not. This beautifully crafted story of a somewhat coming-of-age romance film will go down as a classic in the future.

To start, Violet Evergarden Movie took the risk of running 3 stories in one movie—Violet’s story, Yurith’s story, and the really minor one that started the whole movie off and starts the whole plot off. But it blew all my expectations away when it skilfully blends everything naturally, like it just intertwines smoothly. Every minute of the movie tugs my heartstrings, and the critical moments of the movie just yanks on it. What can I say, it’s emotional, enchanting, and painful at the same time. Ironic right? Well, I guess that’s just how it is.

As always, KyoAni never fails to continuously impress me with their extravagantly elegant art style and animation. With a perfect 3DCG and 2D blend too, the whole movie just pops out and stands out even among other high budget anime films. When it comes to making big projects such as films, cutting corners will really suck ass. But KyoAni took advantage of every frame and turned it into a glorious piece of art. You seriously cannot tell me there is nothing more unique than what Violet Evergarden brings in terms of art production. There is just no competition.

Oh, the sounds of the orchestras and TRUE’s beautiful voice just comes back whenever I remind myself of Violet Evergarden’s incredible soundtracks. With the assist of amazing direction and careful placement, these soundtracks shined when it’s their turn to shine. May I just give extra credit to all the voice actors too, Ishikawa Yui does an amazing job in voice acting Violet and I would like to praise her for that.

I especially loved the character development that went on in the 2 hours 20-minute runtime of the movie. We finally get to see both sides of the story, and both sides of the struggle between Violet and whoever the other man could be. There is so much I would like to say but I’m trying to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. To make it simple, we’ve had a really powerful character arc in terms of development and interaction.

Overall, I loved the Violet Evergarden Movie. I love it even more than the original TV series. I love it so much that I’m about to go lower the scores of some of my highest rated anime just because 10/10 is not an accurate representation of the score I want to give this movie. It’s 11/10. You’ve heard my voice, now it’s your decision to catch this modern masterpiece that will not disappoint in execution. God, I’m still feeling empty inside…