Nov 11, 2020
A-Weeb-Lord (All reviews)
*Spoiler Free Review*
I just finished reading the manwha and immediately went to write this review, I will mention my opinion on the different segments of both good and bad. This is my first review btw, so I'm probably gonna suck but whatever.

"Insert random philosophical quote"

Story: 9/10
The story is simple at the beginning but told in a very effective way. The horror is really well implemented and does not resort to using cheap screamers to create "fear". A big portion of the story focuses on the development of the protagonist (Hyun Cha) as he changes his way of being due to the state the world is going through. The climax moments are well constructed and the calm sections give moments to think about the situation that the characters are going through and allows to empathize with them in a better way. But it is not perfect since it has its problems, there are a couple of chapters in which nothing that truly mattered for the plot was done and gave me an insufferable boredom to read through, although it did compensate with the suspenseful moments that followed. For me the biggest problem with the the story is at the very end, as it feels quite rushed and some of the things that were hyped up half way through the story ended up being executed way too hastily and without much explanation, although its final moments do fullfil the task of delivering a somewhat satisfying conclusion which caused me to have a mixture of emotions between joy and sadness.

Art: 10/10
The art is by far the best aspect of the manwha as almost all suspense scenes are well done thanks in large part to the accompanying art, the settings are simple but done in dark themes that somehow makes them look flashy and creates a good atmosphere for the moment and the characters' reactions to the diverse scenarios that they encounter makes them feel more human but still remaining that fantasy aspect of the manwha, not only that but as well as their designs which are very well done. The artist really achieves the best of his artstyle with this section.

Characters: 8/10
The characters are interesting but few are really explored in depth. Hyun Cha is by far the best character of the manwha due to his amazing development which is carried in a very well done pace and manages to empathize with him more and more throughout the progression of the story. Other characters didn't run the same luck as I came to completely hate them due to how they showed the most inhuman and yet realistic side of a character in the worst kind of situations which is a good thing as it represents that not everyone in real life has a sense of heroism or the courage to do selfless acts. Other characters were interesting but weren' explored as much as expected, although they did had their moments that defined them as solid additions to the overall story; while others were very forgetable as they had no interesting aspects or moments whatsoever. As an overall, the main cast was awesome, the supportings were for the most part solid. So I give it an 8 as I would've preferred that the supportings had a much more background as well as development.

Enjoyment: 9/10
My enjoyment was present from beggining to end, sure there were some segments in which the characters did nothing and got me bored and decide to stop reading, but for the most part it was great and the suspense accompanied with the amazing artstyle made for an incredible experience I really enjoyed.

Overall: 9/10
Overall it's a pretty solid manwha, not as good as Bastard (another manwha created by the same author and artist), but a very solid work that does make it in my approved (and favorites) list and I would definetly recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good horror story along with some great character development.