Oct 26, 2020
DarkRose1598 (All reviews)
I love this manhua.

The story starts off slowly as we're getting to know the main characters and their relationship evolves from acquaintances, to a romantic interest, to eventually them starting a relationship. It's not accepted by everyone, and I like how it showcases both negative and positive atittudes towards Yu Yang and Li Huan's relationship.

I like that one of them is an openly gay student as opposed to many of the tropes we usually see in yaoi and shounen-ai. The story is sweet and focuses on their romantic relationship, but also on relationships with friends, family etc which are just as important. Sex is a small part of the story and you won't see much of it, perhaps due to censorship (it is China after all) or perhaps because the story simply doesn't need it.

The main story ends at chapter 137. There have been several side stories published which focus on the other couples from the main story. While they're not all about the main couple, it's still entertaining to read because we've been with these characters throughout the main story and they deserve a proper ending as well.

The art is fantastic and aesthetically pleasing.