Aug 27, 2020
Mixed Feelings
I can't believe, that Production I.G, which animated such masterpieces, like Haikyuu!!, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, created a totally mediorce anime in the ancient time with full of fan services.

Akihiro is a big otaku, who doesn't have much success with girls. They only live in his fantasy. One day he gets a magic carpet, where a beautiful girl comes out from. She has magic abilities, and uses it imprudently, and cause problems to Akihiro. So, the girl is pretty, but clumsy. The girl, Maron falls in love with Akihiro, and wants him to take to her world and live together with him. He goes, but Akihiro doesn't have time to admire Maron's world, because another girl, Roll appeared, who always wants to kill Maron. Who's this girl, and what she want from Maron?

Who knows. The complete OVA is about 30 mintues long, and as you can read, the story is really poor. But what really nice in this OVA, is the art and animation. It seems, the Production I.G always did the best in animation. It's very nice compared to other animes from the beginning of the 90s.

I would highlight Furumoto Shinnosuke, who was the seiyuu of Akihiro. I think, he's the most underrated seiyuu, I really like his voice. He has similar voice, like Yamaguchi Kappei, but unfortunately he was casted in very few animes. I think, he deserved much more.

The music is also quite good. The theme song is performed by Okui Masami, who's like muse for me in japanese music. This is her debut song, and I think, it's ideal as debut song, it forecasted a very good singing career, as Okui Masami had during the years. On the theme song single a radio dorama of the anime is also available.

Well, the anime is not like a miracle, but if you feel like, you want to watch an anime with fan services just for fun, then, it's ideal for it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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