Aug 13, 2020
shegoth (All reviews)
This manga starts off with an original, but cliche concept of a professional hitman trying to lay low in society for a year and become a "normal" citizen. While this trope is cliche in Western culture, what particularity drew me in was its Japanese perspective of a pro hitman trying to become normal.

Story: 6
In Western culture, the whole hitman concept of trying to live a normal life has been done numerous times. The only real enjoyment I got from this series was its Japanese perspective on criminal syndicates and how crime culture of Japan was portrayed in manga form.

Art: 8
Backgrounds look dull and boring, but the human-like facial expressions are truly impressive to look at considering the used Clip Studio Paint just like in Gantz. There are some panels that look brutal and realistic regarding gun wounds and murders.

Characters: 9
Because most of the characters are involved in the criminal world, the manga makes interesting discussions that make the series worth reading and interesting.

Overall: 7
This manga is great for those into crime plots and art that looks great to accompany a brutal them of professional hitmen.