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Aug 13, 2020
This manga starts off with an original, but cliche concept of a professional hitman trying to lay low in society for a year and become a "normal" citizen. While this trope is cliche in Western culture, what particularity drew me in was its Japanese perspective of a pro hitman trying to become normal.

Story: 6
In Western culture, the whole hitman concept of trying to live a normal life has been done numerous times. The only real enjoyment I got from this series was its Japanese perspective on criminal syndicates and how crime culture of Japan was portrayed in manga form.

Art: 8
Backgrounds look dull and boring, read more
Jul 29, 2020
This series is similar to Rockstar's in-game television show "Princess Robot Bubblegum", except with a more adultswim-esque comedy vibe to it.

The running gags are a hit or miss, literally looks like it was made in PowerPoint, and the voice acting is mediocre at best. It feels like anime just evolved backwards, which perhaps could slightly add to the comedic affect of the series, if you're into that.

The only pros to this series is that it is short, so you can gauge how you want to waste four minutes of your life.

Unless you're use to the whole mediocre adultswim-esque comedy, the series won't be enjoyable. read more
Apr 28, 2020
A pretty good horror read during quarantine times. Shigahime does have that whole vampire trope going on with nothing making it stand out from a story perspective. The writing is an issue with many instances of characters acting a bit corny sometimes. However, the artwork is simply amazing and it is one of the reasons it got me hooked into finishing this brutal story through. The dread and eerie atmosphere was also consistent and it leaves you wanting to discover the cause and plot to this dark atmosphere.

If you have time to read 31 decent chapter-story with brutal and excellent artwork, then read more