Jul 8, 2020
alittleshipp (All reviews)
I've read the manga about 4 times. One of my favorites! I love the story because it is different and I can feel related to madoka. The romance is not forced or something and it happened at the right time.

I liked all the characters, I had fun reading and even getting angry and not agreeing with some things, I could understand that they are teenagers and I started to like it even more.

it took paths that I didn't expect and it seemed like a very real and good ending.

I think one of the strong points is that I didn't find the story obvious at any time, I read it for the first time when I was 16 and I loved it, today 5 years later I still like it a lot.

It's not cliche and i wish was more mangas like this one :) make me
sad for not having more recognition.