Jun 20, 2020
My Next Life as a Villainess is a blast. Sure, maybe the animation and characters were subpar but the pure joy this series gives you is something that can't be measured by actual development or visuals.

Story (7)

Super interesting premise. They did their very best to stick to the plot of "Wow! I could die if I mess up!" but literally three episodes in and those stakes are completely gone. However, it's sort of what gives its entertainment. You know damn well she won't die but she's still doing these crazy things to avoid it and it's fun. I found the magic book episode to be one of my favorites in terms of enjoyment. They had to put story in the last two or three episodes to give it a dramatic ending. Also, those last couple of episodes pulled so many things that weren't previously mentioned. Catarina forgets so much it's crazy. It didn't really work because of how quick they did it, but watching this plot for the overarching story is something I wouldn't recommend in the first place.

Art (7)

Nothing too special here. The art style looked pretty standard, I noticed they use brighter colours to fit the light tone of the show. One thing that did bother me a little was the animation. There's always that one moment in an anime where you watch this scene and you think that how they did that facial expression or that movement was really cool. I never found myself saying that here. The animation looked a little choppy sometimes, especially in the OP. I know it's not technically a part of the show but it drove me nuts everytime I had to watch the scene of Geordo spinning Katerina around and in the next cut have her be completely still facing him. Anyways, pretty standard art, not ugly at all, but nothing special either.

Sound (8)

The soundtrack for this show is actually pretty nice. It had a lot of charm to it. One of my absolute favorites was in episode 11. It just fit so well with what was going on and did it so so beautifully. The acting was great and the characters all fit the voices really well, especially Maria. Her actress just accompanied that sort of warmth she had as the protagonist of the game.

Character (7)

All super loveable. Pretty much everyone was a good character. Catarina was a pretty dumb sometimes, but it's sort of like a loveable dumb. I really liked Alan and Mary respectively as the way they developed seemed the most genuine out of everyone. They did try giving one of their character's development in a very very short amount of time and to be honest Nicol sort of felt separate from the group.

Enjoyment (9)

This show is so so fun. It's a little dumb sometimes but it's so great. If you need a pick me up i'd absolutely recommend this.

Overall (7)

From a technical standpoint, yeah, it's definitely a seven. But fun is something that passes the borders of art and story. Fun is just that, and this show is insanely fun. Watch it for fun, because that's what this show does best.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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