Jun 16, 2020
GomuPirate (All reviews)
Okay, that's a really good history

I've never seen an female protagonist in a soccer history, I really loved it, Onda is such a nice character.

This series used a bunch of cliches, buts they are pretty well worked. So it's really not a problem, anyways you can read it in one night and it's worth.

Some points didn't have the deserved ending, but I'll let them passa because I know there's a series of Onda on High School releasing today (Sayonara, watashi no cramer). But you don't have to worry about having to read the new series, this one have a good closure and it's a history good for itself.

The manga coments about girls in football, with the question "Is physical all that matters in soccer ? Are man superior to woman ?". The answers are all in the manga. READ IT