Jun 16, 2020
Ao Ashi (Manga) add (All reviews)
sakura_koe (All reviews)
*this is a spoiler free review ;)*

I’ve recently come across Ao Ashi, a soccer manga, and I’ve been blown away by how good it is.
Art:the artist has his own unique style which is a breath of fresh air. U can tell that the artist is very good at sketching cuz even in a soccer match where there are at least 20 characters, the reader can still tell who’s who.

Plot: finally no more of the high school sports club troupe. The manga focuses on the Tokyo Esperion youth football club, which is associated with its own J-League team. Once u start reading it u get immersed in it and would find urself cheering for the MC or getting frustrated when the team face a challenge.

Character: The artist does such a good job portraying each character and showing each character’s personality. Each character gets a time to shine, tho of course the main focus remains on the MC. I rly like how the manga focuses on growing by facing ur own weaknesses rather than the typical growing by facing even stronger opponents kinda thing. The MC starts out as a forward, but there is a twist. Not gonna spoil it cuz that would be no fun hehe.

Overall: 10/10 would recommend. Even if you’re not a sports manga/anime fan, trust me you’ll love it cuz I’m not rly into sport manga either but I simply love this manga so much. Simply put manga is a masterpiece!!!

Tl:dr basically if u like haikyuu/diamond ace you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE Ao Ashi. This manga rly reminded me of the time I read Haikyuu and the excitement I felt then and even now.