May 17, 2020
Dreadeath (All reviews)
Spoiler free I’m sorry if I made it all ten but I just cant help it. This is such a hidden gem I found when browsing facebook and I wish it was given the recognition it deserves.

i am a history geek. i love it when mangas portray historical people like vikings, greek, and finally theres a manga that delve inside egyptian lore. There is so much to unpacked. i am highly disturbed and curious about their said culture

This manga is brutal and doesnt shy away from showing the harsh truth about egypt which makes it more worth the read.

The prontagonist Hatshepsut was the second pharaoh and this is a take on her story, some of it are historically innacurate however her character is so good that i dont care about the innacuracy,

I mean rarely have i seen a manga where women are portrayed strong. Hatshepsut is a good role model, none of that damsel in distress. She even has a place in the royal court which men loathe just because she a woman.

And i love love this so much. A strong woman portrayed as strong by overcoming her hardships and not by how she hates men.