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May 17, 2020
Spoiler free I’m sorry if I made it all ten but I just cant help it. This is such a hidden gem I found when browsing facebook and I wish it was given the recognition it deserves.

i am a history geek. i love it when mangas portray historical people like vikings, greek, and finally theres a manga that delve inside egyptian lore. There is so much to unpacked. i am highly disturbed and curious about their said culture

This manga is brutal and doesnt shy away from showing the harsh truth about egypt which makes it more worth the read.

The prontagonist Hatshepsut was the second pharaoh read more
May 17, 2020
First off. The only reason why this is seven is because they completely dropped the reason why this manga even exist.

Its not poly relationship anymore after a chapter 100.

Spoiler ahead

How is this not a poly relationship?

First off

Wife #1 is in love with another guy. Yeah sure shes a devoted wife but she simply doesnt give a fuck anymore. Shes only with the guy cause the man she loves thought she deserved better to marry another guy

Wife #2 loves their husband but left when wife#3 bested her. For this to be poly she should be in terms with that but she left. Completely ruining the read more
Sep 6, 2019
Spoiler free review.

Take it from someone who read the manga.

This isn't your average revenge story. though it may seem like that at first it really is not. it's so much better. The revenge part was needed for thorfinn character to grow into a whiny lil shit to a lovable man. I've never had this much connection nor praise such character since I've met guts and miyamoto musashi from berserk and vagabond and both of those series are masterpieces. You won't hate a character. There's no character to hate except the main prontagonist but only in the early stage. you'll love him. You will love his read more