Apr 26, 2020
LordPlasma22 (All reviews)
I don't recommend watching these 'movies', but I don't recommend against it either...

The first one was very boring in my opinion.
The few actions-like scenes weren't really interesting and exciting and unfortunatly, there was to much unnecessary scenes.
The whole story of the first movie, could have been packed in a single Anime episode, and could have been told a much better way.

The second one was a bit better, and the story was a bit more interesting, with a better battle scene and a little bit deeper insight in at least two characters, but that was it.

Except the two characters in the 2nd movie, the characters weren't very deep, they could have been replaced by someone entire else and it wouldn't really matter.
The art and the music weren't any better.

At the end, I wasn't really worth my time.
It was not bad in particular, but I think, this anime will not stay in my memory, next to all the others I'v already have seen.
Therefor it was to arbitrarily.