Apr 19, 2020
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai OVA (2019/2020)

Another great addition to the series as from before. This following firstly with the beach episode which was very funny and comical. I liked how they got other characters there by not just chance but from being there in the first place already.

The second one was slightly unexpected in the wedding scenario. I did enjoy how they played it out to make it all the less serious. It was great to see the respective girls in the outfits and the funny scenarios they had to undertake. I really liked the sister's reactions at the end.

The art was consistent like before in the show.

Sound still has a great soundtrack with the OP and ED being enjoyable.

Characters appear to develop but then they don't. It is more about solidifying the already known things about characters in better context. These are not meant to be deep and meaningful I don't think.

It was very enjoyable and if you liked the main show this will be very much up your alley. It is nice to watch after season 2, especially if you were not 100% on the series outcome thus far.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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