Apr 4, 2020
Doge_Karim (All reviews)
When I bored, I read agian my Shonen Jump for improving my Japanese skill. When I found the girl with long white har transform to long black hair, I llke her in black hair. So I read manga from first chapter to last and I will review this manga.

Kamio Yui Lets Loose tell the story about Kamio Yui, girl who can transfrom from black hair to white and change her personality with Kiito, rich and playboy who want meet intersting woman . Kiito must solve all problem faced by Yui if her tied loose and help her.if she got trouble after Yui's friend, Nao, gave him Yui's spare chains.

I don't know is this manga got axed or not since this ended at 36 chapters(quite short), but I like the story and characters development especially Yui and Kiito.

Comedy for this manga very strong. You can laugh to see how Kiito deal with Yui in Black, but the story become serious when Yui in white know her other side.

I like how Yui in white and black relation with Kiito and many characters. Many minor characters appered and some of them make this manga very fun like Yui in black fans who love to see her with *ehm"*visual justu and Yui's enemies.

Art very good especially for battle and character design especially Yui in white and black.

I very like this manga and hope in later day the mangka can continue this series (if happen). If you like romcon manga, maybe you can enjoy this manga and love the story, but you must ready to see the story will change from slice of life to serious supranatural which some readers consider this is reason why this manga ended quite fast ....